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"Plan to Success"



“Provide mechanisms to translate the policy and plan into practice for effective attainment of the Institute’s goals”



  1. Support the Institute in driving its strategies, connecting the strategy with the action plan and budget, communicating/conveying the strategy to all NIDA’s work units for adherence and goal achievement in the same direction, as well as monitoring and assessing the performance result in a systematic manner.       
  2. Allocate budget to achieve the Institute’s mission properly, monitor budget expenditure, and analyze the success in budget management.  
  3. Devise and standardize the education quality management system to become a mechanism in quality development in a continuous manner.  
  4. Explore, research, and survey the Institute’s data for strategy support and policy formulation.
  5. Manage potential risks which may impinge upon making the vision real. This management strategy may include risk identification, risk assessment, and result control activities.
  6. Amass and retain IT information in a repository as well as producing reports for dissemination. 



“Good plan, great productivity, and mission accomplished”



“To support and coordinate internal work units to abide by the Institute’s policy and plan”



  1. Create a database system for administration
  2. Hold activities for better understanding and cooperation among work units
  3. Design an appropriate resource allocation system
  4. Build up a system which can carry out the monitoring/assessment of plan/performance.  
  5. Constantly develop the Institute’s personnel to become more and more knowledgeable and skillful in performing their tasks.  
  6. Promote the technology applications to NIDA’s workings.  

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